Introducing the Scarlett 30 version 2!

We are very pleased to announce the renewed partnership with Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong Church and the release of the new and improved Scarlett 30 ver.2. The version 2 of the Scarlett 30 gives players even more of what made the Scarlett 30 one of the most versatile amps available for church musicians! The new updates are listed below:

We have spec’ed out a new set of transformers for the Scarlett 30 ver.2 that gives greater frequency response and a more solid and robust low-end, along with a revised power supply that works with the new transformers to deliver more clean headroom and dynamic response. Finally we have redesigned the tone controls on the Scarlett 30 ver.2 to give them more useful range without the harsh high-end frequencies that are common in Top Boost style circuits.

In summation, the new Scarlett 30 ver.2 has all the same features as the original Scarlett 30 but is now louder, cleaner and has more dynamic range and a more user friendly set of tone controls

Click the image below to learn more about the new Scarlett 30 ver.2!


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