Have you ever wanted to build your own speaker cabinet but the time and expense of making it yourself is just too much? Well not anymore! Starting in January of 2018, Jackson Ampworks is very proud to announce that we are releasing our own line of DIY speaker cabinets that you can build yourself using pre-cut plywood and components we supply for you! All of the parts that we will supply for you are the EXACT same parts we use to make a production cabinet; you just save a lot of money building it yourself! In addition to the pride you’ll have building the cabinet yourself, you will also be able to paint/stain the cabinet and make it uniquely yours!

If you don’t have the tools needed to build your own cabinet but still want to save a LOT of money over our standard production cabinets, we are also offering a “Pre-Built” DIY cabinet. Our Pre-Built cabinet is the same as the DIY version of the cabinet, we just assemble it all for you here in our factory for a small up-charge.

Click the image below to learn more about our new line of DIY and Pre-Built Speaker Cabinets!

Introducing the MKII Series of Amps!

We are very pleased to announce that we have updated our best selling amplifiers The McFly, Britain 30, NewCastle 30 and Scarlett 30 to the NEW MKII versions! Tonally the mods done to the MKII versions all center around making the amps cleaner with more dynamic headroom. One of our most common requests for our pre MKII lineup was always to make the amps cleaner. So we took these requests to heart and made them ALL cleaner. This works out really well since each of these amps features Power Scaling, you can also turn up the Volume control for more overdrive and turn the Power control down to adjust the volume.

One other noteworthy change that is different from the original pre MKII lineup is that we are dropping the prices! In years past we have had to keep the prices of our amplifiers higher than I would have preferred in order to stay in business. However with the recent success of our new pedal company, Jackson Audio, we have been able to spread our overhead out of over two companies and this has allowed us to lower the prices on our amplifiers by 20% on average. These “new” prices are actually our old prices that we had in place when these amps were first released.

Here are the specific mods done for each amp along with their new prices!

McFly MKII – At the urging of several customers of the original McFly for more clean head room from the 60’s mode, we developed a couple of mods that we refer to as the “clean” mods. Essentially those two mods involve lowering the gain of the 60’s mode to allow more contrast between the 50’s and 60’s mode and modifying the power supply to allow for more clean headroom and global dynamic response. We have also DROPPED the price from $2495.00 down to $1995.00!!

Britain 30 MKII – We lowered the gain in the preamp globally to allow for more clean headroom while simultaneously modifying the power supply to increase the dynamic response of the amp. For Channel 1 we slightly revoiced the EF86 channel so it’s character is more even in nature with less of a nasally mid boost. We also modified the tone controls of Channel 2 to make their response more smooth and useful. No more ice pick highs from the Treble control! We have also DROPPED the price from $2495.00 down to $1995.00!!

NewCastle 30 MKII – We performed the same clean mods on this amp that we did on the Britain 30 which gives the amp more clean headroom via a reduction in preamp gain and a power supply modification. The NewCastle MKII builds upon the NewCastle 30 by adding the BODY control that we developed for the original McFly! The BODY control is a 6-position Rotary Switch which allows the player to select various configurations of components to sculpt the amount of low-frequency in their tone. Using a switch to control the frequency response provides an intuitive and repeatable method of dialing in your low-end and reduces loading on the guitars signal and results in a more natural and open tone like you’d find in a studio grade preamp. We’ve added this feature to a couple of NewCastle 30’s over the years and this mod made a great amp even better! We have also DROPPED the price from $2195.00 down to $1795.00!!

Scarlett 30 MKII – The MKII version of the Scarlett 30 gives players even more of what made the Scarlett 30 one of the most versatile amps available for church musicians! We have spec’ed out a new set of transformers for the Scarlett 30 MKII that gives greater frequency response and a more solid and robust low-end, along with a revised power supply that works with the new transformers to deliver more clean headroom and dynamic response. Finally we have redesigned the tone controls on the Scarlett 30 MKII to give them more useful range without the harsh high-end frequencies that are common in Top Boost style circuits. In summation, the new Scarlett 30 MKII has all the same features as the original Scarlett 30 but is now louder, cleaner and has more dynamic range and a more user friendly set of tone controls! We have also DROPPED the price from $2495.00 down to $1895.00!!

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