Celestion Gold

Originally developed in the 1950s from a successful Celestion radio speaker, the CT3757, the Alnico Blue is the world’s first dedicated guitar loudspeaker. Its use in early Marshall and Vox amplifiers helped to define the sound of ‘60s British popular music and it remains today one of the most desirable guitar loudspeakers in the business. ‘Alnico’ refers to the composition of its magnet material, an alloy of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt, and when combined with an overloaded tube amplifier, the Blue distorts easily, with its unique response smoothing the sound into gloriously creamy overtones rich in quality and sustain. The Blue also benefits from an exceptional dynamic range, making it a highly expressive speaker. Load a Celestion Blue into a single 12" or 2 x 12" vintage combo and the sweet and bright tones lend it ideally to a range of playing styles including jazz, blues, country and indie.
General Description
Nominal Diameter (") 12
Power Rating (W) 15
Nominal Impedance (Ω) 8/16
Sensitivity (dB) 100
Chassis Type Pressed Steel
Voice Coil Diameter (") 1-3/4
Voice Coil Material Rounded Copper
Magnet Type Alnico
Magnet Weight 936g
Frequency Range (Hz) 75-5000
Resonance Frequency, Fs (Hz) 75
DC Resistance, Re (Ω) 6.4