Classic Lead

Originally released in 1978, the G12-80 (affectionately known as the ’Classic Lead‘ ) is now a vital component in the 4x12 market. The Classic Lead has that special something that lead guitarists dream of - speed, definition and punch along with amazing articulation, particularly on big, distorted sounds. Even with the amp screaming, every note is still sweet, clear and very loud. Players find that the Classic Lead‘s combination of speed and articulate clarity, with punch, sparkle and a very fluid feel, work well for many styles, from twangy, clean country, where its headroom and clarity are fantastic, through jazz and fusion where the definition of notes is vital to prevent muddiness, to heavy metal where the huge bass presence, dynamic mids and treble bite give great heavy tone without losing the melody. We can honestly say that this is one of Celestion‘s most versatile speakers - and a true classic. A true ’axe hero‘ settles for nothing less!

General Description
Nominal Diameter (") 12
Power Rating (W) 80
Nominal Impedance (Ω) 8/16
Sensitivity (dB) 99
Chassis Type Pressed Steel
Voice Coil Diameter (") 1-3/4
Voice Coil Material Rounded Copper
Magnet Type Ceramic
Magnet Weight 50 oz
Frequency Range (Hz) 80-5000
Resonance Frequency, Fs (Hz) 80
DC Resistance, Re (Ω) 7