Heritage G12M Greenback

Way back in the 1960s, Celestion released a version of the popular G12 guitar loudspeaker called the G12M. These days nicknamed the Greenback, with its medium weight magnet this speaker had a tone that was silky smooth and warm, while still retaining the brightness and punch necessary to cut through the rest of the band. The Greenback was also a highly articulate speaker, perfect for the pioneering lead guitarists of the time. A classic had been born.

Over subsequent years, the Greenback has evolved and remains popular with guitarists and amp manufacturers to this day. As the speaker developed, though, its tonal characteristics moved away from those of the original ’60s model.

Adhering precisely to the design notes and specifications for the original speaker, re-discovered during our recent factory move, and using exactly the same materials and construction techniques, Celestion has recreated the classic 1960s G12M for a new generation of rock and blues guitarists.

General Description
Nominal Diameter (") 12
Power Rating (W) 20
Nominal Impedance (Ω) 8/15
Sensitivity (dB) 96dB
Chassis Type Pressed Steel
Voice Coil Diameter (") 1.75", 44.5mm
Voice Coil Material Round Copper
Magnet Type Ceramic
Magnet Weight 35oz, 0.99kg
Frequency Range (Hz) 75-5000Hz
Resonance Frequency, Fs (Hz) 75Hz
DC Resistance, Re (Ω) 6.9