Vintage 30

At the Celestion factory, not one of our speaker production lines is totally automated. There are certain parts of the construction process which we will only entrust to our skilled engineers, ensuring that every Celestion speaker retains the unique tonal characteristics that have made us famous. The Vintage 30 is a particularly special speaker and it needs even more human attention than usual. A modern speaker that can trace its roots to the original G12, the Vintage 30 combines high power handling with an instantly recognisable vintage tone. Seemingly twice as loud as anything else at the same power level (it has been said that a Vintage 30 makes a 50W head sound like a 100W), it handles massive overdrive sounds with ease. The Vintage 30’s 100dB sensitivity makes it ideal for use in high-gain tube amps and with tight bass, fat mids and a smooth, harmonically rich top, a fantastic ‘70s rock sound comes with all the added bass and overdrive you could ever want. Those with heart problems may want to consider a more subtle speaker from our range!

General Description
Nominal Diameter (") 12
Power Rating (W) 60
Nominal Impedance (Ω) 8/16
Sensitivity (dB) 100
Chassis Type Pressed Steel
Voice Coil Diameter (") 1-3/4
Voice Coil Material Rounded Copper
Magnet Type Ceramic
Magnet Weight 50 oz
Frequency Range (Hz) 70-5000
Resonance Frequency, Fs (Hz) 70
DC Resistance, Re (Ω) 7