El Guapo History.

Every product we create starts with the desire to create a specific sound and the El Guapo is no different. For me the El Guapo is very personal because it started as an homage to my first REAL tube amp; a 1968 100W Marshall Super Bass. For me, the moment that I got that amp dialed in and in working order was a day that forever changed my life. I can still remember where I was when I first heard the clean tone that people describe as “swirling” or the mighty “karang” that hit with such force that it would shake your pant leg. For me, this was the moment that started my career as an amp builder and was the day that I finally “got” what people were talking about when they spoke about vintage tube amplifiers.

Being a company that is largely known for our Class A British Clean style amps, and most recently our new American Series amps, I always knew in the back of my mind that we would eventually come full circle and create something in the British Dirty style of amps. Of course I would start that journey with the same amp that started my career in amp building.

As luck would have it, as I was preparing to build a prototype of a 100W Super Bass, I got a text from Josh Smith (a monster guitar player whose star is only beginning to rise) asking if I would be interested in making him a 100W Super Bass that he could also use to get some higher gain JCM800 type tones from. Of course I said yes, as the opportunity to work with Josh on this amp would be too much fun to pass up. 

So over the next month Josh and I kicked around ideas for everything from clean tones, high gain tones, channel switching options and the other myriad of details that have to be ironed out to create a truly standout product. After months of work, the El Guapo is complete and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I feel like it has a very unique voice in the market and does everything from clean to heavy gain exceptionally well.

For a complete list of specs and features on the El Guapo, please follow the link here.

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