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While in Chicago this week to see Robbie McIntosh play with John Mayer at the United Center in Chicago, I got up on a Saturday morning, got ready and called Make’n Music to see if it would be a good time to come by for a visit and Teddy (the owner) said it would be great. I took a cab from downtown to the shop and honestly all I could think when I opened the door was…..WOW! Without a doubt, Make’n Music is one of the top 3 pro shops I’ve ever seen. They have the GOOD stuff there! Tyler Guitars, Anderson Guitars, Suhr Guitars, Fuchs Amps and Duesenberg Guitars just to name a few. Teddy was kind enough to show me around the shop and while there, I spotted one guitar that I just had to play; the Copper Patina James Tyler guitar that is the first picture in the gallery below. What an awesome guitar. I played this guitar through a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme and it killed! I couldn’t tell if it was a great guitar or a great amp, but it was one of the most sophisticated overdriven tones I have ever heard and the guitar just played flawlessly. I really need (read want) to get another Tyler so bad!

Make’n Music has one of the best acoustic guitar collections I have ever seen. Again only the good stuff. High end Martin’s, Breedlove’s, Collings etc. Of all of the guitars that I played, one of the coolest guitars I played was a travel guitar made by Breedlove called the Passport C250 This little guitar sounded and played great and also had a built in chromatic tuner! Normally I would think something like that would be a gimmick, but this guitar was so much fun to play that I could only see that this guitar would be a blast to own!

After making some noise playing the guitars around the shop I talked to Teddy a bit about my amps and it turns out that he’s interested in trying the Britain 2.0 in his shop! I’ll be getting him a Britain 2.0 head and a 1×12 Cabinet as soon I finish building the current list of amps I need to finish.

Well with that this entry comes to an end. Thank you Teddy for opening your shop to me and for being such a gracious host. Hopefully we’ll be able to work together soon.

Of course no blog article about a high end gear shop would be complete without a picture gallery! Enjoy the pics!

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