New Dual-Ported Speaker Cabinets Released!

Check out our new Patent Pending Dual-Ported Speaker Cabinets!  Available now.

1×12 Cabinet

Designed to be the perfect complement to our Britain 3.0 amplifier, our 1×12 Dual Ported Cabinet is small, lightweight and delivers floor shaking low end all in a package that is just 22” wide!

The first time you hear our 1×12 Dual Ported cabinet you’ll be amazed at how open the tone is with highs that breathe like a vintage open back cabinet and lows that are smooth and punchy like the best 4×12 cabinet you ever heard! You’ve never heard a 1×12 cabinet that sounds this huge!

Loaded with a Celestion AlNiCo Gold, this cabinet becomes the perfect cabinet to compliment the Britain 3.0 amplifier!

Head and 1x12 Cabinet in Black - Stack View

1x12 Cabinet in Navy - Side View

…Keep checking in…

We have more releases very soon that we are looking forward to sharing with you!!

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