New beginnings.

Well after many months of work the new site is complete. We went through several iterations of it before we settled on the current design and I have to say that I could not be more pleased with it. Special thanks to our good friends at Church Media (most notably @ismaelburciaga and @yuristar) for their help and creativity! Very special thanks go out to @BrownAaronM for his incredible photos and videos used extensively throughout this site!

Right now all the Britain 2.0 amps from the first production run have been built and delivered so for the next week or so I’ll be updated plans for the next production. I have to make some minor changes to things to make them easier to manufacture, but that is the point of revisions; to always pursue the mark of perfection. Also I will be adding new features to the Britain 2.1 like a series FX Loop on each channel as well as back panel mounted bias adjustment and test points for the 50W Class A/B Mode. You may notice on the site that these features were not in place on the product shots of the Britain 2.0, but rest assured that starting now, if you have an amp that you have ordered, these features will exist when you receive it.

After the parts have been ordered for what I have dubbed, “Britain 2.1” I will begin the task of redesigning the Atlantic and Union Jack amplifiers and make them just as small, powerful and flexible as the Britain 2.0 is now.

In an inspired moment of cleverocity, while designing the Britain 2.0 chassis I found a way to make all 3 amps function perfectly using the same chassis. Doing this has allowed me to order the chassis in much larger quantities and save on manufacturing costs which helps to keep our costs down and ultimately the buyers cost down. All good things… In fact if things go the way I suspect I’ll be able to use this same chassis for a host of revised amps as well as new amps that have yet to be prototyped from designs I have sketched down mentally.

That’s all for now. Thank all of you for your faith in me, my products and for the opportunity to do what I love. I am blessed beyond belief!

Looking forward to the journey,

Brad Jackson

PS – I love lamp.

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