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Brand New Website!

If you’ve been to our site lately you’ll no doubt have noticed that the whole site is new. I have been working on a total redesign using WordPress and WooCommerce so we can turn our site into a fully functional e-commerce site. It’s been an overwhelming amount of work, and honestly a lot more than I thought it would be, but in the end it was worth it. I think the site looks great and gives a much better user experience to our users. Please do have a look around and Like and Share all the posts and pages with your friends! The more people we get the word out to the better!

NewCastle 30

In addition to the new site we have a couple of changes to the Jackson Ampworks lineup. Firstly, the NewCastle30. The NewCastle30 is the updated version of the NewCastle. The NewCastle is easily our best selling amp to date and at the request of a lot of users, we updated it to include 30W of Class A power using 4x EL84’s, a Variable Power Supply so you can adjust the output from 30W down to 1/8W! Along with these features we are including an FX Loop as well as Hi/Lo input jacks to help deliver more headroom. As if this wasn’t enough, we are working hard to help working musicians so we are leaving the price of the NewCastle30 at the same price as the NewCastle. That’s right. $1495. More features, more flexibility and more value for $1495.00!

We released the NewCastle30 on Sept 27, 2012 at Chicago Music Exchange. CME, one of our best dealers, invited me and the guys from JHS Pedals into the store for a “Meet Your Maker” type event in the store. In all it was a great experience meeting their team and spending time with the JHS guys. While we were at CME, we were able to shoot a couple of videos for Jackson Ampworks. The first video was an “About Jackson Ampworks” video that has yet to be released but should be shortly. The second video (shown below) is a quick rundown of the NewCastle30 along with a quick demo.

NewCastle Changes

In tandem with the release of the NewCastle30, we are doing something very special with the original NewCastle. We are dropping the price. For several years I have wanted to offer a hand built amplifier that is premium quality at a sub $1,000 price point because there really isn’t a boutique amp on the market that offers killer tone at a killer price. Sure there are tube amps out there that are sub $1,000 but to be honest, they sound like it too.

But why drop the price of such a successful amp? Because every day I talk to guitarists who are hurting in this economy. They need work and they need good tools to work with but they just can’t afford them. It’s for these guys that we are lowering the price of the NewCastle. So with all this in mind and because honestly we’re in a position where we can afford to do it, we are dropping the price of the NewCastle from $1495 to $995.00!!

Since it was released at Winter NAMM 2012, the NewCastle has been receiving awards (Premier Guitar, Premier Gear Award) as one of the best sounding and most affordable amps on the market and with this price drop, the NewCastle just got better! Available Direct Only.

Special Thanks

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t thank you our loyal customers and dealers for all the support you have shown us over the years. I don’t take it lightly that we have been blessed enough to be growing steadily since we began full time operations in 2008. In this economy that is no small feat. Of course we’ve had months that are tight and some that are a lot easier but through it all we have remained thanks to our friends, family and customers who have supported us along the way. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. There’s a lot of people out there who have it a lot worse than me and for that I am very humbled and grateful to be doing what I love. On behalf of the Jackson Ampworks Team and our families, thank you for the support and for trusting us to build your tone tools.

Looking forward to the future!

Brad Jackson

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